Sewing Machine Knee Lifter / Free Hand Systems FHS / Bernina Knee Lift

The knee lifter be used on many industrial machines but also on some home sewing options, such as the Bernina model.
This is a great invention that has made it into the mainstream. Using your knee, you can lift the
presser foot or drop it at the beginning of a seam. Combined with the needle-stop down, you
can easily pivot when topstitching or appliquéing. This is a real time-saver. Some of these
systems are mechanical, and some have an electronic assist.
One style drops the feed dogs when you activate it. This, combined with the extra lift, makes it easy to slip bulky fabric under the foot. The feed dogs reengage on the next stitch.

If you sewed in the past with a machine that had its speed controlled with a knee lever, the lifter
might take a little getting used to, but it is worth it!
One thing to remember is that when you lift the foot with the knee lift, it also separates the tension discs for you. This means that if you inadvertently rest your leg on the lever as you are
sewing, you may get loops on the back of your fabric.

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