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Pfaff Repair Manual
For many years, I have been repairing and servicing all types of home and industrial sewing machines. I also collected many service manuals, next below service manuals and catalogs of Pfaff sewing machine parts. 
Pfaff is my one of favorite model of sewing machines, I especially like vintage models. The following documents are currently available:

  1. How to repair Sewing Machine / Pfaff Service Manual: Pfaff 1196, Pfaff 1197, Pfaff 1199, Pfaff 1211, Pfaff 1212, Pfaff 1213, Pfaff 1214, Pfaff 1221, Pfaff 1222 Service Manual
  2. Einstellservice handbuch (reparaturanleitung), deutch: Pfaff 1196-Pfaff 1222
  3. Pfaff 1221, Pfaff 1222 Parts Diagram / List of spare parts; (Bestandteile Liste, Lista de piezas de repuesto)
  4. Pfaff Service Manual Pfaff 905-947, Pfaff Tipmatic / Tiptronic, Pfaff 1010, 1011, 1014, 1015, 1018, 1019, Pfaff 1025, 1027, 1029, 1035, 1037, 1047, 1067, 1069,1071, Pfaff 1118, 1119, 1171...etc, English, German, French;
  5. Pfaff 130 Service Manual / Instruction book
  6. Pfaff 134 Spare Parts Catalogue / parts diagram
  7. Pfaff 145 / Pfaff 545 Parts List (List of spare parts - diagram parts)
  8. Pfaff 238 / Pfaff 238-0 Instruction book & Service manual
  9. Pfaff 245 / 246, Pfaff 1245 / 1246 Service Manual
  10. Pfaff 335-h3 List of spare parts 
  11. Pfaff 545 Spare Parts Catalogue / parts diagram
  12. Pfaff 438, Pfaff 418, Pfaff 838 Service Manual
  13. Pfaff 463 / Pfaff 463 H Service manual
  14. Pfaff 467 Instruction / Service manual
  15. Pfaff 330 List of spare parts / Lista de piezas de repuesto / Bestandteile Liste 
  16. Service Manual Pfaff 230 / Pfaff 332 Automatic
  17. Service Manual Pfaff 260, Pfaff 262, Pfaff 360, Pfaff 362
  18. Pfaff 260, Pfaff 360 Technisches Handbuch Justierung (Betriebsanleitung);
  19. List of Spare Parts / Catalog Parts Pfaff 260 / 262, Pfaff 360 /362
  20. Pfaff 260 / Pfaff 360 Service Manual
  21. Pfaff 34 Spare Parts Catalogue
  22. Pfaff 1520, Pfaff 1530, Pfaff 1540 Service Manual, English,
  23. Pfaff  Select 1520, 1530, 1540 parts catalog
  24. Pfaff tiptronic 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040 Service Manual
  25. Pfaff creative 7550 Service Manual
  26. Pfaff Hobbylock 794 Parts diagram
  27. Pfaff hobbylock 4870 service manual
  28. Pfaff 4862 Coverlock Service Manual
  29. soon...
If you want to own another service manual for Pfaff sewing machine, you can specify in the comments and we will do our best and find it for you...
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* Parts diagram, catalog parts, view of spare parts... these are all the same documents, only they have different names.
* Service manual, Adjustment of  Pfaff, adjustment and service, Setting of the Pfaff...all these are actually the same documents, only the names are different, they are all service manuals.
Most service manuals are in English, parts catalogs are mostly in English, and if it is not emphasized, it is visible in the pictures.
Please, if you have any ambiguities, ask a question in the comments completely anonymously.

We also have a large archive of parts catalogs for Pfaff industrial sewing machines, ask for the model and class you are interested in, we will check...
Pfaff Service Manual: Pfaff 1196, Pfaff 1197, Pfaff 1199, Pfaff 1211, Pfaff 1212, Pfaff 1213, Pfaff 1214, Pfaff 1221, Pfaff 1222, English, pdf ,
112 page.

Einstellservice handbuch (reparaturanleitung), deutch: Pfaff 1196-Pfaff 1222 , 105 seiten, pdf

Pfaff 1222, Pfaff 1221 List of spare parts, Bestandteile Liste, Lista de piezas de repuesto...58 page (five languages)

Service Manual Pfaff 905-947, Pfaff 1010, 1011, 1014, 1015, 1018, 1019,
Pfaff 1025, 1027, 1029, 1035, 1037, 1047, 1067, 1069, 1071, Pfaff 1118, 1119, 1171...etc / 340+ pages, German, French, English.

Pfaff 230 / Pfaff 332 Automatic, Service Manual, English, pdf format, 82 page  

Pfaff 130 service manual 13 page / Pfaff 130 Instruction book 42 page , English, pdf format (2 documents)  

Pfaff 134 Spare parts catalogue English, pdf format, 32 pages  

Pfaff 145 / Pfaff 545 Parts List, 118 pages, english, pdf  

Pfaff 238, Pfaff 238-0 Service manual & Instruction book, 50 pages, english, pdf  

Pfaff 335 H3 List of spare parts 52 pages, english, german, french, spanish, pdf  

Pfaff 1245 / Pfaff 1246, Pfaff 245 / Pfaff 246  Service manual, 21 pages, english, pdf  

Pfaff 545 Spare parts Catalogue, 79 pages, english, pdf  

Pfaff 418 / Pfaff 438 / Pfaff 838 Service Manual, 51 pages, english, pdf   

Pfaff 463H / Pfaff 463 Service Manual, 27 pages, english, pdf   

Pfaff 467 instruction / service manual, 58 pages, english, pdf   

Pfaff 330 Parts Diagram / Lista de piezas de repuesto / Bestandteile Liste. German, French, English, Spanish..39 page  

Pfaff 260, Pfaff 262, Pfaff 360, Pfaff 362 Service Manual, English, pdf format, 71 page  

Pfaff 260, Pfaff 360
Justierung (Betriebsanleitung), 86 Seiten
Deutsch, pdf


Pfaff 260 / 262, Pfaff 360 /362
Bestandteile Liste,
List of Spare Parts, Liste de pièces detachees, Lista de piezas de repuesto. German, English, French, Spanish, pdf 63 page

Pfaff 34 Spare Parts Catalogue (parts diagram) 44 pages, english , pdf  

Pfaff 260 / Pfaff 360 Service Manual, English, pdf 87 page  

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Pfaff 1520, 1530, 1540 Service Manual, English, pdf, 97 page  

Pfaff  select 1520, 1530, 1540, List of spare parts pdf, 17 page  

Pfaff Tiptronic 2010, 2020, 2030 & 2040 Service Manual, English, pdf, 117 page, #24  

Pfaff Creative 7550 Service Manual, English, pdf, 115 page  

Pfaff Hobbylock 794 serger parts catalog, pdf, 13 page  

Pfaff Hobbylock 4870 Service Manual, English, pdf, 62 page  

Pfaff 4862 coverlock Service Manual, English, pdf 64 page  


  1. Anonymous3.12.22

    Hi Man! i have a Pfapp 807, where the noise supression capacitor is in very deteriorated condition, do you have any kind of service information on this machine? did not find it on your list. i see the metal housing is quite similar to the 297 (...??)
    i seek information about the exact structure and specification of this capacitor, so i can find a modern replacement. its a 4+2 wire type, the writing on it is barely readable,
    do you sell or have any info on this? thanks!

    1. Hello, it is not a capacitor for noise suppression, that capacitor is a network suppressor that prevents interference with home radios and TV receivers, today it is not necessary, the other purpose is to absorb the sparks from the collector and reduce collector wear, I am not sure how accurate this is, if you rarely use your sewing machine, you can completely remove the faulty capacitor. A new capacitor can be bought on the Internet, replacing the capacitor must be done by a professional.!

  2. Anonymous24.1.23

    Do you have a parts list for a Pfaff Hobbylock 794 Serger?

  3. Anonymous19.2.23

    Se poate adapta dublu transport la pfaff 489 și ce sistem ar trebui?

    1. Din câte am înțeles, întrebați dacă pe Pfaff 489 poate fi instalat un transport dublu. Nu, nu este posibil.

  4. Bitte herr, haben sie eine Bedienungsanleitung für die Nähmaschine Pfaff 230 / Pfaff 332 in deutscher Sprache? Vielen Dank

    1. Wir haben das erwähnte service handbuch im pdf format, sehr gut lesbar und mit Bildern, wenden sie sich vertrauensvoll an uns, vielen dank auch

  5. Anonymous27.11.23

    Hello! I have a Pfaff 18 and I am having a hard time finding much information on it -- the plate on the back says: Dorina, Type: 18, Masch. Nr.: 00239139 -- This numbering system seems to not fit with any I have found online-- Any ideas? Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance!

    1. I can say what I see in the pictures, the Pfaff 18 is a simple sewing machine that was made in Germany before 1990, I don't know the exact date, the Pfaff 18 has only straight and zig zag sewing, the motor is on the outside. Lubrication and maintenance is very simple.

  6. Anonymous25.1.24

    Hello, i have a Pfaff 90, did you have a service manual for this machine? Kind regards

    1. No, I don't have that manual, I'm not sure if it even exists.?

    2. Anonymous27.1.24

      the manual for the pfaff 80-85 90 to 96 would also be fine as they always seem to be the same machine. I assume the manuals exist but I can't say for sure