Bernina Light Bulb | Bernina Sewing Machine Replacement Bulbs

The post is of an educational nature, if you are not sure of your knowledge leave the work to an expert, before any works pay attention to:! 
➧ Before any repair and service work, Disconnect the sewing machine / foot pedal etc.from the power supply, Remove the cable and mains plug from the socket. 
➧ Read before you start working on the machine the operating and service manuals, that's what they're there for,
➧ Take your time for everything you do, just don't work fast , if you have no idea, you should consult a specialist,
➧ Hustle and bustle creates thoughtless action, accidents and bungling.! 
➧ It is essential that you only use suitable tools, only use good tools 
➧ Do not leave the sewing machine running when it is open, only move the open machine by hand, Do not use the foot pedal when it is open.!