Presser Foot Sewing Machine And Their Uses | Different Presser Foot | Sew Machine Feet

Different machines have separate presser foots for different sewing processes such as hemming, gathering, etc., but they operate differently on various makes of machines. The details of foots are mostly given in the manual provided with the machine. Students may discuss with the teacher and according to the availability of the sewing machine and attachments, they can practise on it. Some common sewing presser foots are given here: 

Pfaff 130 Sewing Machine / Pfaff 130 Embroidery Attachment 50010 / Pfaff 130-6 Parts Diagram

Sewing machine Pfaff 130, the beginning of production is in 1932 and the end after 1950. Back then, at the time, the Pfaff 130 was an innovative and powerful machine, a home sewing machine that had parts an industrial Pfaff. Many today call it a semi-industrial sewing machine, I don't think that's true. Pfaff 130 is a home sewing machine, the prefix "semi-industrial" was created due to its robust metal construction, at that time it was such a technology,
Metal was used far more in the manufacture of household appliances and even sewing machines than it is today. 

Brother innov is V3 / Embroidery Machine Brother / Computerized Embroidery Machine

The Brother Innov is V3 offers the ease and precision you need to take on large, tricky embroidery projects.

Brother Innov-is V3’s most obvious feature is its 300mm x 180mm embroidery area, which allows you to create large, complex designs without the need to re-hoop. But there’s more impressive functionality beneath the surface.

The Brother Innov-is V3’s easy threading, auto tension and thread sensors take the guesswork out of embroidery. 200 exquisite designs are accessible at the touch of a button. And what’s more, it features built-in thread charts from leading thread manufacturers. Without any effort, you can choose your preferred brand from the touch screen and the matching colour will be displayed.

The combination of digital precision and effortless intuition is what we specialise in here at Brother, and the Innov-is V3 is the culmination of our 100+ years’ experience in sewing and embroidery machine design. 

Sewing Machine Bernina 1008 Reviuw | Bernina 1010 | Bernina 1015

 A lot of information can be found on the Internet about this model of sewing machine, mostly it is advertising information that leads the reader to buy, I will be a little different, I will write what I think I know about Bernina 1008.The Bernina 1008 is the last electro-mechanical sewing machine that can still be purchased today.This sewing machine has been manufactured for many years and is quite popular.It is popular with beginners and advanced  tailors due to today's rare metal construction. 

How To Download Free Burda Patterns | Sewing Patterns Free | Burda Knitting Patterns Free

I well remember some old times, when as a child I came across those old cuts from fashion magazines. They were very large pieces of paper with a lot of some lines, which were in different shapes and colors... I have no idea whether it still exists today, in the continuation of the topics about downloading pattern from a famous page ... On the page "Burdastyle" on there are a lot of free patterns available for download in PDF format, below you can see approximately the procedure for how to download the patterns: 

How To Identify The Warp And Weft Yarn Of A Woven Fabric


Choosing the right fabric is the most important thing when mastering sewing. It is essential that you understand the fabric, what it is that makes it the right fabric for your project and how best to use it.
There is a huge selection of fabrics, so understanding these basic elements will help you make the right choice...

Ruffler Presser Foot / Ruffler Foot / Ruffler Sewing Foot / Ruffler Foot Price / Ruffler Foot Attachment

The Ruffler Foot is one of the best time saving attachments you can add to your sewing machine. This accessory is used to create perfectly spaced pleats and gathers. There are several adjustments that you can make to vary the look of the pleats, including the size and depth of the pleats. It’s perfect for light weight fabrics and also medium weight fabrics. 

Maintenance Of Fabric / Care And Maintenance Of Fabrics / Maintenance And Washing Of Clothes

If you are constantly wondering which clothes are washed at what temperature, ie whether you can wash a piece of clothing in a washing machine, whether it may be better to do it "by hand" or still have to dry-clean, this text could be useful. Get acquainted with the most common materials and their properties, most people have little knowledge of fabrics. Their knowledge boils down to the fact that silk is soft, that wool comes from sheep and that polyester is an artificial material. Knowing the properties of different materials can be very useful.
You may need this knowledge when choosing clothes to buy, and it is especially useful when washing things, because otherwise you can ruin them. It is not a bad idea to get acquainted with different types of materials, at least the basic ones, in order to take care of your clothes in the right way. We will be introduced to wool, cotton, polyester, viscose, silk...etc 

Darning and Mending / Darning Visible Mending / Darning Stitch / Darning Sew Machine

In the past, mending of clothes (materials and fabrics) was quite common in the household, clothes were expensive, difficult to obtain, so what was available was repaired.
The mending of clothes is still present today, today the shops sell clothing items that have torn and patched segments on them, mending is, in a way, a decorative part of clothes.
Someone wants to preserve jeans at all costs, to that end to darning and mending for many years. 

Basic Hand Sewing Stitches / Hand Sewing Types Of Stitches / Hand Sewing Techniques

Only hand sewing dates back to the very distant past, sewing and sewing machines have advanced a lot, but hand sewing will still be used. There are a lot of situations when hand sewing is used, for example tailors very often use it on the tailor's doll itself. Below we will present some basic types of hand sewing, types of stitch, when and how to use... 

Handheld Sewing Machine / Hand Sewing Machines

Many people think that small hand sewing machines are a product from a few years ago, no, small hand sewing machines were produced much earlier, but in small series.
Nowadays with the change of technology it has become very affordable and extremely easy to manufacture. Hand sewing machines mainly come from China. What are small hand sewing machines really for? 

How Old Is My Bernina | Bernina Serial Number Lookup | Dating Bernina

I have a Bernina sewing machine, but I don't know how old she is.? 
This can be determined using the serial number on the Bernina sewing machine, how.?

Bernina, Year of construction and serial number:
First group: Vintage Bernina Sewing machines manufactured from 1940/45 to 1969.
The first two digits of the serial number mean the year of production.
As shown in the picture 1. (Bernina 530 Record) 59 = 1959 
So, the Bernina 530 Record example was produced in 1959.
Not applicable to models before 1940/45. 
also not always with the Bernina model KL 125 S / J and KL 117 from BJ 

Fabric / Types of Sewing Fabrics / Materials and Sewing Fabrics

Materials, fabrics, textile fabric ... is what is processed on sewing machines, it is a fairly extensive "matter" and it would take a long time to explain and explain all this at least partially. We will stick to some of the "basic" fabrics that are used the most. The division of fabrics should be done right at the beginning, and the "rough" division would be into fabrics made of natural and artificial fibers. Fiber is the basis of every fabric, with its appearance, properties, way of weaving threads, fibers give the fabric its final look as well as properties... 

Lower Thread Of Sewing Machine / Shuttle Hook Bobbin / How To Set Lower Thread

Placing, pulling and adjusting the upper thread on the sewing machine is very important for proper operation, but no less important and important is to place the lower thread correctly. How to set the lower thread, how to adjust the lower thread on the sewing machine? We have already explained in some older topics what a hook or upper thread catcher is. 
The shuttle hook catches the upper thread and at the same time the lower one is on it. The lower thread is wound on a spool (bobbin), the part where the spool is located is called the shuttle. 

Sewing For Beginners / How To Sewing Machine / How Learn Sew

This topic will be a kind of small sewing school for beginners, that is, how to learn to work on a sewing machine; that is, for those who only have the desire to learn to sew on sewing machines, for the beginning the desire is very important, the one who does not have it should not get involved in that work because disappointment could soon follow. So let's start in some order. First, in the given picture are some basic parts of a sewing machine:

Rotor and Collector Of Electric Motor / Armature Winding / Collector Armature Electric Motor

Most home sewing machines, even some industrial ones, use electrimotors with brushes, they are also called collector electricmotors. Electromotors are also used in all hand-held power tools (drills, grinders, milling machines, hand saws, jigsaws ... etc). With collector electricmotors, the most common problems and failures occur on the rotor, rarely on the stator. The most sensitive part, so to speak, is ... 

Bernina Bernette b37 / Bernette b38 Sewing Machine / Bernina Bernette / Bernete

The Bernette B37 is a compact computerized model with simple operation and robust construction. 
It has many functions, such as the practical start/stop function that allows you to sew without using the foot pedal. You can also use the needle stop up/down function to decide whether the needle should stop in the fabric or up above it. 
This is a particular advantage when you want to sew corners and turn the fabric around the needle. With the bernette b37 you can also adjust the sewing speed to suit your individual requirements and the type of material.  

Singer Simple 3210 | Singer Simple 3221 | Singer Simple 3223 | Singer Simple 3229 | Singer Simple 3232

The Singer Simple 3223 | Singer Simple 3229 | Singer Simple 3232 | Singer Simple 3210 | Singer Simple 3221... sewing machine offers the basic features you need to sew all sorts of projects - from fashions to simple home decor, from gifts to craft items, you can do it all. There are 101 different stitches to choose from and customize to your fabrics and projects. 
Make buttonholes in four easy steps, whether you want to sew a dress, stitch up a pillow or create a crafty tote. Basic accessories can be found in the removable storage compartment. There is also a free arm, which makes it easy to hem trousers or other small projects like children's clothing. The heavy duty metal frame will provide long lasting durability.

Thread Tensioner | Sewing Machine Tensioner | Top Tension Thread Sewing Machine

Bad tension can ruin any relationship. You are trying to sew a simple seam and are getting a nest of thread under the fabric. You might be using two colors of thread, and you are seeing the bobbin thread being pulled to the top of the fabric. Last week, when you were working on this project, the tension was perfect. What is your machine trying to tell you today?
Your expectations are not being met, and that is frustrating. The key is knowing what you are dealing with. Is the machine misbehaving, or is this simply a misunderstanding?
Let’s explore how tension mechanisms work.

Bernina Bernette Coverstitch Machine / Bernette Funlock Overlocker

Bernette 42 Coverstitch Machine

The bernette Funlock 42 is a coverstitch machine featuring a total of 3 different coverstitches with a width of 2.8 and 5.6 mm and a chain stitch. With it, you can provide your hems, edges and cuffs with professional stitches, giving your sewing project the perfect look. Excellent results can be achieved with the bernette Funlock 42, even with very stretchy fabrics and thin knitted fabrics. 
Threading the needles and loopers is also really easy, thanks to the separate needle threader and the looper threading mechanism. And to give you a good view of your sewing project, the bernette Funlock 42 also has a bright LED light. 

  • 4-thread / 3-needle coverstitch machine
  • Accessories in the looper cover
  • Bright LED light
  • Differential feed outside, can be adjusted while sewing
  • Easy threading due to the colour-coded threading paths
  • Large working area to the right of the needle 87mm
  • Manual needle threader

Pfaff Serial Number Lookup / Dating Pfaff Sewing Machine / Pfaff Age By Serial Number

How Old Is My Pfaff ? 
The list of serial numbers of pfaff - Pfaff Sewing Machines
List of production dates for Pfaff sewing machines produced in Germany from 1862-1975. 

Year Number Year Number Year Number
1862 1 1900 473000 1938 3422440
1863 6 1901 518000 1939 3575892
1864 46 1902 563000 1940 3652814
1865 115 1903 609000 1941 3706260
1866 196 1904 655000 1942 3738772
1867 306 1905 709000 1943 3759057
1868 556 1906 763000 1944 3773724
1869 906 1907 828000 1945 3776641
1870 1396 1908 903000 1946 3789232
1871 1906 1909 983000 1947 3810796

Sewing Machine Problems And Solutions / Sewing Problems

There's nothing worse than working with an uncooperative sewing machine.! Broken or tangled threads, skipped stitches, snapped needlee it can make for a very frustrating experience. But most of these issues can be resolved without taking your machine in for expensive repairs. We've assembled a list of some of the most common sewing machine problems, and their solutions, to help you troubleshoot even while mid project.

1. Thread bunching up under your fabric when sewing
If you're seeing knots of extra thread on the underside of your sewing, there are several likely culprits. First, remove your sewing from the machine. You may have to cut through all the extra thread to get it free. Don't simply pull it loose, or you risk damaging the mechanism of your machine, not to mention your fabric.! Once your project has been freed, carefully remove all the cut bits of thread as well. Now you're ready to identify the issue. Keep a scrap piece of your fabric on hand to test solutions as you try them.
  • Remove your top thread and re-thread the machine, being careful to follow the threading schematic provided in your machine's manual. Make sure your presser foot is up while threading many machines lock the tension disks when the presser foot is down, making it impossible to thread the machine through the disks correctly.
  • Remove and re-thread your bobbin. Some machines are particular about which way the bobbin unwinds. Consult your manual to be sure it's inserted correctly.
  • Make sure you are using the same type of thread in both top thread and bobbin. A difference in thread weight commonly causes machines to draw threads at different rates, leading to tangles and knots.
  • Adjust your tension settings. This is a common issue, especially if you go from working with a heavy fabric to a delicate one (or vice versa) without remembering to adjust your settings. Test your tension settings on a scrap of your project's fabric to make sure everything is correct.

Bernina Knee Lifter | Sewing Machine Knee Lifter | Free Hand Systems FHS

The knee lifter be used on many industrial machines but also on some home sewing options, such as the Bernina model.
This is a great invention that has made it into the mainstream. Using your knee, you can lift the
presser foot or drop it at the beginning of a seam. Combined with the needle-stop down, you
can easily pivot when topstitching or appliquéing. This is a real time-saver. Some of these
systems are mechanical, and some have an electronic assist.
One style drops the feed dogs when you activate it. This, combined with the extra lift, makes it easy to slip bulky fabric under the foot. The feed dogs reengage on the next stitch.

DIY FACE MASK | Face Mask Sewing Pattern PDF Free

Video clip note: DIY face mask / Face Mask Sewing Pattern PDF Free:
https://www.masinskikutak.com/p/postovi.html Print the templates images on A4 paper. Maybe somewhere error in the text ,
my English is very modest. 😊
The face mask is not a safe protection against viruses.!!!

Singer s14-78 Overlocker / Overlock Serger Singer S14-78 / Overlock Pfaff 1450 ol Overlocker

Factory specifics listed:

Sew seams, seam finishes, and trim excess all in one step with amazing results.
  • 2, 3, or 4 Thread Stitches for various seams and edges
  • Color-Coded Threading System simplifies threading
  • Differential Feed adjusts fabric feed for smooth seams
  • Free Arm helps with hard to reach places
  • Sews 1300 Stitches per Min to save time