Singer 201 Sewing Machine | Singer 201K | Singer 201P

Sewing machines are an inexhaustible topic, especially for those of us who have almost spent our lives next to these devices.
Many sewing machines deserve "attention" on this page, but that is impossible, one of the cult models, which I think deserves to be mentioned, is certainly the Singer class 201 sewing machine. Singer 201 sewing machines were produced mainly in the USA and Great Britain, although smaller numbers were also made in Australia.
Singer 201 first "saw the light of day" back in 1935 and production was completed around 1961. Many will say that the Singer 201 is the best production model of the Singer Company ever, hundreds of thousands of them have been produced and many are still sewing today as long before... 

Different Types Of Sewing Machine Beds

Class room concepts
In fashion manufacture the sewing machines are still predominantly used in their basic forms but, for more specialized garments and those made in higher volume, variations in machine shape are available which enables easier movement of the materials around the machine. 
These variations primarily affects the shape of the bed of the
machine, i.e. the part on which material rest. 

The best known version is the flat bed and the main alternatives are cylinder bed, Post bed and feed off the arm. 
The blind felling machine is also a special shape, as are the Over edge sewing machines which have no fabric space to the right of the needle.
Following is the classification of different bed type used in machinery. 

Bernina Electric Motor Models And Types | Vintage Bernina Motor

The original engines that were used Europe, with which the machines were delivered from the factory, are shown here. Thousands of machines however were also exported without an engine and were only equipped with an engine produced there in the country of destination.
Machines were also imported and equipped with a motor "made in W. Germany" in the EU. Bernina also supplied the 115 volt motors required there for the USA.
All of these Bernina motors were produced by Scintilla S.A. Solothurn / Switzerland. 
Note: all Bernina motors are factory-installed, safe to touch, in accordance with protection class I, 100% insulated from the machine housing. 

NOTE: the post is of an educational nature, work on live devices is intended exclusively for professionals, the risk of electric shock. !!