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A big factor in a smooth sewing experience is using the right thread for the job. You’ll be surprised by how many different kinds of thread there are. I list them below from heaviest weight thread for heavy-duty sewing down to the finest and lightest weight threads.

1. Heavyweight / outdoor thread 
Use heavyweight outdoor thread for sewing canvas and other outdoor and water repellent fabrics. These threads stand up to wet conditions better than all-purpose thread. 

Necchi Sewing Machine Dating | Necchi Serial Number Lookup | How Old Is My Necchi

Macchina da cucire Necchi
Where Is Serial Number On Necchi Sewing Machine? 
It’s difficult to mention a specific part on the Necchi sewing machine to find the serial number. Depending on the Necchi model, you can find it under the sewing machine or directly at the front. Some models also have their serial number hidden on the base or cabinet.