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When it comes to the timing belt (toothed belt) of sewing machines, something has already been written on that topic on the blog. The topic was general and we described the general concepts of timing belt on sewing machines, today in this topic I will write about the toothed belt for vintage pfaff sewing machines, these are belts made of cords with the addition of metal rings (cleats). For many years, the timing belt for sewing machines has not been made in this way, today it is made of special rubber woven with threads. I can only guess why the belt was then made of cords and metal cleats.? 

Singer 45K Industrial Sewing Machine | Singer 45k User Manual | Singer 45k Parts

Singer 45k is an old model of an industrial sewing machine (flat bed or cylinder bed depending on model), the production lasted for about 50 years, approximately from 1895-1945. Some models were solved a little later around 1950. You can determine the time and place of production on the serial number of your Singer machine.
Due to its quality, the Singer 45k is still in use worldwide today, its robust construction and quality materials have had the greatest impact on its longevity. Singer 45k is mainly intended for difficult working conditions, below is a list of most models with their basic characteristics. I do not rule out the possibility of an error in the data because I also found most of the data on the Internet.
You can find the user manual, 
service manual and parts catalog at  this link.
Note: spm = Stitches Per Minute 

Pfaff Service Manual Adjustment | Vintage Pfaff Settings | Pfaff Parts Diagram | Pfaff sm

Pfaff Repair Manual
For many years, I have been repairing and servicing all types of home and industrial sewing machines. I also collected many service manuals, next below service manuals and catalogs of Pfaff sewing machine parts. 
Pfaff is my one of favorite model of sewing machines, I especially like vintage models. 

Overlovka Ana fn2-4d | Endlerica Ana FN2-4D | Overlock fn2 | FN2-4D-B | FN2-5D | FN2-7D

U pitanju je serija overlovki FN2, ima ih više modela, uglavnom se razlikuju po broju konaca sa kojima rade 3, 4 i 5 konaca (made in China). Vrlo jednostavne overlovke, jeftine, neki možda i previše očekuju od ovakvih mašina. U uputstvu piše da je mogu koristiti i profesionalci, pa ja se baš sa time ne bih složio.
Samo uputsvo (video u prilogu) je uglavnom razumljivo, možda ima nekoliko fraza koje nisu najjasnije. Na tržištu ih ima dosta i pod raznim imenima, čak na nekima piše "bagat". Ukoliko posjedujete neki od navedenih modela možete pisati u komentarima Vaša iskustva.

Necchi BU Nova | Necchi BU Mira | Necchi BF Nova | Necchi BF Mira | Necchi Service Manual

In a previous post of mine I mentioned the Necchi sewing machine model BF as the grandmother's machine, ideal for those who want to start using the sewing machine at almost zero cost. The abbreviation BF was introduced by Necchi to indicate the straight line sewing machines for domestic use (ita. Bobina Famiglia) with this model towards the end of the 40s as an alternative to the zigzag models called BU (Ita. Bobina Universale, precedentemente BDU, Bobina Domestica Universale, mentre le antenate della BF sono la BD e la BDA, Bobina Domestica con tendifilo Articolato ).
It is one of the most popular models in Italian families, which, together with its robustness, explains its relative frequency even today in the second-hand market. It is no coincidence that the manual reads, on the back cover, "A Necchi machine, if well used, lasts a lifetime or more". The reasons for the success of this machine over time are various and I will try to illustrate them all. 

Novi Bagat Jantar | Bagat Safir | Bagat Cik Cak | Bagat Pro Step | Bagat Pro Lock

novi bagat iskustva
Svi znamo da je u bivšoj državi postojala poznata firma za proizvodnju šivaćih mašina, firma se zvala "Bagat". Bagat mašine su se prodavale širom bivše Jugoslavije. 
Proizvodnja je trajala decenijama, koliko ja znam početak je bio oko 1950 a kraj, tj, konačni stečaj i likvidacija 2011, znači Bagat je postojao oko 60 godina. 
Za to vrijeme je prodano stotine hiljada Bagat šivaćih mašina, bile su tu: Jadranka, Vesna, Slavica, Danica, Ruža...i danas je mnogo tih mašina u upotrebi.
Na stranici "mašinski kutak" još uvijek i svakodnevno se preuzimaju uputstva za stare Bagat šivaće mašine. 

Bernina Drive Belts | Bernina Motor V Belt | Bernina Belts Sizes Types

See the dimensions and sizes of the Bernina vintage belts in the attached tables. Of course I could not describe all the models, if you have a suggestion feel free to write a comment, there is a possibility and error in the dimensions, I write all this based on my own experience, notes and data that I found in the service instructions. Dimensions are written in millimeters, example 5x441, where 5 is the width V of the belt and 441 is the total outer length of the belt.

Vintage Bernina mainly use V belts, Bernina 930 record use teeth belts, and older models of Bernina 125  used rubber round belt. The rubber round belt is not recommended due to stretching and oscillations during sewing on the machine, the susceptibility to stretching interferes with the proper operation of the sewing machine...etc 

Bernina Service Manual and Adjustment | Bernina Sewing Machine Parts Diagram | Bernina Settings

Bernina Repair Manual

For many years, I have been repairing and servicing all types of home and industrial sewing machines. I also collected many service manuals, next below service manuals and catalogs of Bernina sewing machine parts. Bernina is my favorite model of sewing machines, I especially like vintage models. 

Singer 6180 Sewing Machine | Singer Brilliance 6160 | Singer Brilliance

The SINGER 6160 electronic sewing machine boasts features to make sewing a breeze at an affordable price. An automatic needle threader makes threading the eye of the needle a snap. Stitch width and length are set at the optimum setting every time but are fully adjustable for your specific sewing needs. 
With essential, decorative and stretch stitches included, this machine has the right stitch for every sewing project. Easily convert the sewing machine from a traditional flat bed to a free arm for sewing sleeves, cuffs and other hard to reach areas. Easily secure your stitches with the conveniently located one-touch automatic reverse button. 

Best Sewing Machines in 2023

NOTE: The complete text in the continuation of this post does not have to be correct, the data in the text are part of a marketing project that has not been launched.!

Brother CS6000i Sewing & Quilting Machine:

With almost 13,000 fi ve star reviews, this sewing machine led one user to compare it to a “friendly sewing robot.”Hundreds of reviewers say it is especially ideal for those new to sewing as well as hobbyists it “fi ts right in betweenthat beginner and intermediate level,” explains one. Many cite its value, ease of use, and lightweight but sturdy feel, andfans love the ease of the drop-in bobbin; one notes that the “bobbin is a dream to wind and insert.” Amid the hundredsof users who talk about how fun this machine is to use, one promises that this Brother will help users fi nd “joy in thesewing process instead of frustration.”