Fabric / Types of Sewing Fabrics / Materials and Sewing Fabrics

Materials, fabrics, textile fabric ... is what is processed on sewing machines, it is a fairly extensive "matter" and it would take a long time to explain and explain all this at least partially. We will stick to some of the "basic" fabrics that are used the most. The division of fabrics should be done right at the beginning, and the "rough" division would be into fabrics made of natural and artificial fibers. Fiber is the basis of every fabric, with its appearance, properties, way of weaving threads, fibers give the fabric its final look as well as properties... 

Lower Thread Of Sewing Machine / Shuttle Hook Bobbin / How To Set Lower Thread

Placing, pulling and adjusting the upper thread on the sewing machine is very important for proper operation, but no less important and important is to place the lower thread correctly. How to set the lower thread, how to adjust the lower thread on the sewing machine? We have already explained in some older topics what a hook or upper thread catcher is. 
The shuttle hook catches the upper thread and at the same time the lower one is on it. The lower thread is wound on a spool (bobbin), the part where the spool is located is called the shuttle. 

Sewing For Beginners / How To Sewing Machine / How Learn Sew

This topic will be a kind of small sewing school for beginners, that is, how to learn to work on a sewing machine; that is, for those who only have the desire to learn to sew on sewing machines, for the beginning the desire is very important, the one who does not have it should not get involved in that work because disappointment could soon follow. So let's start in some order. First, in the given picture are some basic parts of a sewing machine:

Rotor and Collector Of Electric Motor / Armature Winding / Collector Armature Electric Motor

Most home sewing machines, even some industrial ones, use electrimotors with brushes, they are also called collector electricmotors. Electromotors are also used in all hand-held power tools (drills, grinders, milling machines, hand saws, jigsaws ... etc). With collector electricmotors, the most common problems and failures occur on the rotor, rarely on the stator. The most sensitive part, so to speak, is ... 

Bernina Bernette b37 / Bernette b38 Sewing Machine / Bernina Bernette / Bernete

The Bernette B37 is a compact computerized model with simple operation and robust construction. 
It has many functions, such as the practical start/stop function that allows you to sew without using the foot pedal. You can also use the needle stop up/down function to decide whether the needle should stop in the fabric or up above it. 
This is a particular advantage when you want to sew corners and turn the fabric around the needle. With the bernette b37 you can also adjust the sewing speed to suit your individual requirements and the type of material.  

Singer Simple 3210 | Singer Simple 3221 | Singer Simple 3223 | Singer Simple 3229 | Singer Simple 3232

The Singer Simple 3223 | Singer Simple 3229 | Singer Simple 3232 | Singer Simple 3210 | Singer Simple 3221... sewing machine offers the basic features you need to sew all sorts of projects - from fashions to simple home decor, from gifts to craft items, you can do it all. There are 101 different stitches to choose from and customize to your fabrics and projects. 
Make buttonholes in four easy steps, whether you want to sew a dress, stitch up a pillow or create a crafty tote. Basic accessories can be found in the removable storage compartment. There is also a free arm, which makes it easy to hem trousers or other small projects like children's clothing. The heavy duty metal frame will provide long lasting durability.