Brother Super Galaxie 3100D / Embroidery Machine / Brother Machine

The Brother 3100D is a computer-controlled embroidery and sewing machine. Just looking at the large display shows that it is a sophisticated device with countless possibilities. The screen is touch sensitive and all commands are mostly given via the screen.
The rounded lines of the plastic armor hide a robust aluminum construction underneath, all vital parts are made of quality materials. One of the pictures shows the main positions of the machine, so below I will touch on the most important ones with a possible comment:

Sewing Machine Durkopp Adler 267 / Dürkopp Adler Nähmaschinen

The robust and simple construction of the Durkopp Adler 267 industrial sewing machine is standard workshop equipment for sewing medium-heavy materials. Artificial leather, upholstery, leather goods, technical textiles or a combination thereof. Triple transport with a high lift of the foot guarantees a safe passage over larger thickenings of the material. The vertical rotating shuttle hook with a large bobbin is convenient to use...

Embroidery Digitization / Vez Dizajn / Izrada Programa Za Vez Mašine

eng.embroidery design free ;design embroidery ;programi za vezenje ;

Let's see what embroidery design or embroidery design is. This could be defined as: Creating programs for a specific embroidery. Machine embroidery on canvas can be anything and everything, there are no restrictions, just like a painter or a photographer. The master link designer has some software and then on the basis of an image or idea is made by an embroidery program. Many software is used to design connections, usually each brand has its own separate software, for example ******* uses its *******

Da vidimo šta je to vez dizajn ili dizajniranje veza.? To bi se moglo definirati kao: Izrada progama za određeni vez. Mašinski vez na platnu može biti sve i svašta, ne postoje ograničenja, kao i god slikara ili fotografa. Majstor dizajner veza ima određeni softver i onda na osnovu neke slike ili zamisli izrađuje program za vez. Za dizajniranje veza koriste se mnogi softveri, obično svaki brend ima neki svoj zasebni softver, primjera radi ******* koristi svoj *******