How Old Is My Bernina / Bernina Serial Number Lookup / Dating Bernina

I have a Bernina sewing machine, but I don't know how old she is.? 
This can be determined using the serial number on the Bernina sewing machine, how.?

Bernina, Year of construction and serial number:
First group: Vintage Bernina Sewing machines manufactured from 1940/45 to 1969.
The first two digits of the serial number mean the year of production.
As shown in the picture 1. (Bernina 530 Record) 59 = 1959 
So, the Bernina 530 Record example was produced in 1959.
Not applicable to models before 1940/45. 
also not always with the Bernina model KL 125 S / J and KL 117 from BJ

From year of manufacture 1970 
the first two digits show the serial number the year 
of construction as follows
The first digit shows the decade:
1 = 1970s 
2 = 1980s
3 = 1990s
4 = 2000
5 = 2010...
The second number shows the year
Example of Figures 2
The first number of decades 1 = 1970s
second number of years - 5
So, the Bernina 830 Record example was produced in 1975.

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