Bernina Capacitor Replacement / Bernina Network Suppressor / Bernina Motor Capacitor

Bernina Record Models 730 to 732, 830 to 832
Bernina Sport Models 801 to 803
Bernina Minimatic Models 707 to 710, 717 to 719, 807 to 812, 
817 to 819

This advice only applies to sewing machines that have a separate motor box on the rear of the machine.

NOTE: the post is of an educational nature, work on live devices is intended exclusively for professionals, the risk of electric shock. !! 

Adjusting Thread Tension Sewing Machine / How To Adjust Thread Tension

 Adjusting the tension of the thread on the sewing machine is an inexhaustible topic, it gives the most problems to beginners, I made a special video that deals with this topic, I recommend you watch it, English subtitles may contain errors, but if something is not clear, feel free to ask.

See how to adjust the thread tension on a sewing machine on our youtube channel or in the video below. To fully understand the topic you need to watch the entire video clip.

Vintage Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Service Manual

The most comprehensive Husqvarna Viking service manual (pdf):

The service manual is written to meet the growing demand for knowledge of Husqvarna Viking technicians and sewing machine masters. The manual can be used by both amateurs and professionals, this is the best and most comprehensive service manual for older sewing machines type as Husqvarna Viking.

Singer Service Manual | Singer Parts Diagram | Vintage Singer Settings

Those who follow us regularly on this page and on our youtube channel are aware that they can obtain various service manuals and parts catalogs from us.
Singer sewing machines certainly take the lead as a brand in the world, especially old models.
The following documents are currently available:

Brother HC1850 Review | Brother Computerized Sewing Maschine

For sewing, quilting, and basic monogramming; The Brother HC1850 features 185 unique stitches, including 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches for basic monogramming and 8 styles of one step buttonholes. 
Designed for flexibility and ease of use, this sewing machine includes a convenient, built in stitch reference flip chart, 8 presser foot, push button stitch selector, adjustable sewing speed, automatic threading system, detachable foot controller, and an exceptional feed system for sewing on almost any fabric. 
Specialty quilting features include a detachable wide table, spring action quilting foot, and the ability to do free motion quilting. The Brother hc1850 is lightweight and portable...