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Svi znamo da je u bivšoj državi postojala poznata firma za proizvodnju šivaćih mašina, firma se zvala "Bagat". Bagat mašine su se prodavale širom bivše Jugoslavije. 
Proizvodnja je trajala decenijama, koliko ja znam početak je bio oko 1950 a kraj, tj, konačni stečaj i likvidacija 2011, znači Bagat je postojao oko 60 godina. 
Za to vrijeme je prodano stotine hiljada Bagat šivaćih mašina, bile su tu: Jadranka, Vesna, Slavica, Danica, Ruža...i danas je mnogo tih mašina u upotrebi.
Na stranici "mašinski kutak" još uvijek i svakodnevno se preuzimaju uputstva za stare Bagat šivaće mašine. 

Bernina Drive Belts / Bernina Motor V Belt / Bernina Belts Sizes Types

See the dimensions and sizes of the Bernina vintage belts in the attached tables. Of course I could not describe all the models, if you have a suggestion feel free to write a comment, there is a possibility and error in the dimensions, I write all this based on my own experience, notes and data that I found in the service instructions.
Dimensions are written in millimeters, example 5x441, where 5 is the width V of the belt and 441 is the total outer length of the belt.
Vintage Bernina mainly use V belts, Bernina 930 record use teeth belts, and older models of Bernina 125  used rubber round belt. The rubber round belt is not recommended due to stretching and oscillations during sewing on the machine, the susceptibility to stretching interferes with the proper operation of the sewing machine...etc

Bernina Service and Adjustment | Bernina Sewing Machine Parts Diagram | Bernina Settings

For many years, I have been repairing and servicing all types of home and industrial sewing machines. I also collected many service manuals, next below service manuals and catalogs of Bernina sewing machine parts. Bernina is my favorite model of sewing machines, I especially like vintage models. 

The following documents are currently available:

  1. The setting of the Bernina sewing machines model 730, 731, 732 (Bernina 730 Record Service)
  2. Adjustment of Bernina sewing machines models 807, 808, 809 (Bernina 807 Service)
  3. Adjustment of Bernina sewing machines models 830, 831, 832 (Bernina 830 Record Service)
  4. Adjustment of Bernina sewing machines models 840, 841, 842 
  5. Adjustment / Service Bernina 900 Nova pdf
  6. Bernina Matic 910 Electronic Service Manual pdf
  7. Bernina 930 Service Manual (Bernina 930 Record adjustment and service)
  8. Bernina 217 Exploded view of spare parts / Teilekatalog / catalogue de pièces détachées 
  9. Bernina 940 Exploded view of spare parts / Teilekatalog / catalogue de pièces détachées
  10. Bernina 950 Industrial Spare Parts / Teilekatalog / Pièces Détachées
  11. Bernina 830 Record parts diagram / Bernina 830 Parts Diagram
  12. Bernina 1090 Teilekatalog (Ersatzteile) /catalogue de pièces détachées / Exploded view of spare parst...
If you want to own another service manual for Bernina sewing machine, you can specify in the comments and we will do our best and find it for you..
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