Lower Thread Of Sewing Machine / Shuttle Hook Bobbin / How To Set Lower Thread

Placing, pulling and adjusting the upper thread on the sewing machine is very important for proper operation, but no less important and important is to place the lower thread correctly. How to set the lower thread, how to adjust the lower thread on the sewing machine? We have already explained in some older topics what a hook or upper thread catcher is. 
The shuttle hook catches the upper thread and at the same time the lower one is on it. The lower thread is wound on a spool (bobbin), the part where the spool is located is called the shuttle. 

The shuttle differs in its shape and the way it is inserted into the hook, the most common shape is a classic shuttle with a lock, it is used on a vertically placed hook of domestic and industrial sewing machines. How to place a bobbin in a shuttle? For beginners, every bobbin setup creates a problem and seems quite complicated, but over time it is learned and becomes a second of work. 

To try to explain in words: take the shuttle in the left hand, place the bobbin in the shuttle with the right hand, when we have done that, take the lock on the shuttle with the left hand and open it, thus fix the bobbin, take the thread with the right hand and apply it to the intended place for pulling (marked with a red arrow in the picture), we pull it until the thread is underlined below. We adjust the tension with a small screw (blue arrow).

When it comes to this bobbin, the obligatory direction of unwinding the thread from the bobbin is often stated, in most instructions it is shown pictorially that the bobbin must be unwound to the left side. In my many years of experience, it is not that important, it is true that it suits some machines that way. I will say that it is not a "sacred word" when it comes to a classic bobbin case (shuttle), just try it, set the bobbin as it suits your sewing machine. 
We place the with the bobbin in a shuttle  with an open lock, possibly move a little from left to right until it lies properly in the intended place, release the lock, it can be pressed a little later with a finger for possible additional fit. The lock on the shuttle must not protrude in the slightest, otherwise the thread will get touch to it and the machine will not sew well.

Many home sewing machines have a built-in horizontal shuttle hook, with this type of hook, the classic bobbin case does not exist (Figure B). The horizontally rotating hook has a bobbin case that is part of the hook. How to set the bottom thread when it comes to that shape of the grapple (hook)?
Remove the sliding plate, take the coiled bobbin and place it so that it winds counterclockwise (B1), insert the bobbin into the shuttle, take the end of the thread with your left hand and apply it to the place for pulling (yellow arrow B2), with the index finger of your right hand lightly hold the bobbin and pull the thread with your left hand (black arrow B3). return the sliding plate, start the machine to lift the lower thread. Newer models of sewing machines have a schematic way of placing the coil (Figure C).
In the case of industrial sewing machines, the placement of the lower thread is almost identical to that in the home, except that some industrial sewing machines have a shuttle which is also the cover of the hook machine...
I apologize in advance for the spelling mistakes, my English is very bad.

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