Sewing Machine Durkopp Adler 267 / Dürkopp Adler Nähmaschinen

The robust and simple construction of the Durkopp Adler 267 industrial sewing machine is standard workshop equipment for sewing medium-heavy materials. Artificial leather, upholstery, leather goods, technical textiles or a combination thereof. Triple transport with a high lift of the foot guarantees a safe passage over larger thickenings of the material. The vertical rotating shuttle hook with a large bobbin is convenient to use...

thicker thread and strong sewing. The Shuttle Hook itself is equipped with a safety coupling against damage. The basic model DA 267 is classically equipped, the engine is standard with a clutch. Durkop Adler 267 has a lot of subclasses with different types of equipment, servo motor, pneumatics for Presser Foot, automatic needle positioning, thread draining, starting fastening, lifting height of the foot..etc. With the right sewing equipment and accessories, the machine is quite flexible. In my opinion, the lack of code this machine has a maximum stitch length of 5 mm (factory data).
Lubrication is manual on plain bearings and in addition the DA 267 also has several non-maintenance roller bearings.
The basic base class consists of the following parts (see figure):
1 - main shaft pulley
2 - upper transport (feed dog) and needle holder
3 - large foot 
4 - needle (needle feed)
5 - point length regulator (transport)
6 - foot lifter

7 - top cover of the machine
8, 9 - voltage regulator for the upper thread
10 - winder for lower thread
11 - side cover
12 - machine base, plate
13 - sliding movable plate
14 - hook with bearings
15 - transmission system
16 - lower central shaft
17 - lift shaft
18 - work table with stand
19 - lighting lamp
20 - engine
21 - accessories (drawer)


  1. Anonymous10.1.16

    Preporučate li Durkopp adler 267 za auto presvlake i koja je cijena ovakve mašine?

  2. Durkopp adler klase 267 je dobra mašina,svestrana,jaka.Što se tiče cijene nemam tačnu informaciju ali svakako što novija,očuvanija i sa što više dodataka je za preporučiti.