Brother Super Galaxie 3100D / Embroidery Machine / Brother Machine

The Brother 3100D is a computer-controlled embroidery and sewing machine. Just looking at the large display shows that it is a sophisticated device with countless possibilities. The screen is touch sensitive and all commands are mostly given via the screen.
The rounded lines of the plastic armor hide a robust aluminum construction underneath, all vital parts are made of quality materials. One of the pictures shows the main positions of the machine, so below I will touch on the most important ones with a possible comment:
1- lever for automatic pulling the thread into the needle, so we pulled the thread into the machine and we get to the "heavier" part, pulling the thread through the needle, before that it is necessary to position the needle in the end position "up" on the machine is a sketch of how to set the thread before pulling in, then feel free to squeeze the lever down a little more vigorously and the thread is already in the needle; 2- foot pressure regulator; 3- thread cutter; 4 and 5 foot bracket, foot; 6-bottom ...

transport teeth (interestingly, in addition to moving back and forth, the B 3100d moves the material left and right for certain types of stitching) 7- coil cover; 9- start / stop button (used only for connections and making holes) 10- button for forward / backward sewing (so-called, fastening depends on the type of stitch, in some stitches the machine returns the material backwards while while decorative and decorative stitches are made with multiple stitches in place); 11- button for positioning the needle (it can be programmatically set that the needle always stops down or up and pressing the button only changes the current position, I recommend setting the needle in the "up" position);
2-button for cutting thread, scissors (use is optional or automatic, depending on the current program on the machine); 13-slide button for needle positioning and sewing speed (the final speed of the machine is also related to certain programs, if a decorative stitch is complicated, the machine automatically limits the needle speed); 14- button for switching on the winding of the lower thread (winding of the coil is completely independent of the operation of the machine and can be done, for example, during connections); 15- on / off lower transport (mechanical switch, disconnection of lower transport is mandatory when connecting to the machine); 19- spool of the lower thread (when tying on the machine, the lower thread can be significantly thinner).

In the next picture we see the installation of the bobbin, open the lid by pressing the button, it is important to place the bobbin in the correct direction of winding the thread, pull the thread as shown in the picture, hold the spool with your finger to "fit" the thread well and then pull the thread a little. towards yourself and the excess will remain in your hand. Let's put the lid back on the coil.
In principle, the Brother super galaxie 3100D has program transfer to the machine in two ways, using fploppy diskettes and special Brother cards.

The model that was tested has a built-in so-called USB modulator (A), built-in modulator provides additional features and easier transfer of programs for binding to the machine using USB sick memory, keep only the connection programs on the stick without any additional folders and folders, the optimum is up to 2 MB of data, we know that a lot of data can fit on a stick, but that will unnecessarily slow down the loading of programs into the machine. Genuine Brother cards (D) can be purchased online but are not required

The power connection is marked with the letter "C" in the figure, while the start pedal goes to position "B" (when connecting to the machine, the start pedal is not used, it can stand on the machine but has no effect). What else should be emphasized? Brother 3100D is equipped with software that has a complete manual on the machine, if you know some of the foreign languages ​​it will greatly alleviate the "beginner's trouble", switching from a classic electro-mechanical sewing machine to this device is a big change, requires little getting used to and learning. 
For example, when determining the tension of the upper thread, you always have the option to change depending on what you are currently doing on the machine, let's say you choose the basic flat point, everything is on the screen :), set the voltage to 3.5, you can store that voltage on that program or not. The machine is equipped with several sensors, notifies if the thread broke, if the lower thread is near the end, the machine automatically stops in case of thread breakage, if you do not lower the foot you will be notified again ... a lot of interesting things, there is something to "explore" long time.

A special "device" is added for the embroidery on the machine, which is also the frame carrier on which we embroider, we turn on the machine, it is necessary to remove the cover from the connector, lower the transport teeth, install the embroidery foot (sometimes not even needed). , when we set it the machine will automatically switch to embroidery mode and immediately request the connection, click OK, the frame bracket will move and take the starting position, by pressing the screen we can move it to the end position "left".
Prepare the fabric on which the embroidery will be done, with one or more colors, the screen shows several program selection options, the machine has its own factory programs (NOTE, the test model has an addition of a number "D" , the machine has programs for Disney "heroes" they can be used normally but can not be transferred outside the machine, licensed), then the machine's memory option, our USB is displayed in the form of a square floppy disk.


The tension of the thread during tying is significantly reduced, during tying a large tension of the thread can only damage and shrink the fabric. The maximum connection speed of this model is a solid 800 stitches per minute, BUT this speed is only possible with a certain type of connection, I recommend setting the machine to 600 stitches with the machine fully automatically regulating the speed, so if we set a maximum of 600 stitches per minute means that the whole embroidery "flow" at that speed. This will be an introductory part of the post for now, if there is anything unclear here we are ...


  1. Anonymous5.3.16

    Brother ULT 2003 Disney
    The ULT2003D is Brother's top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machine with an array of special features that let you really showcase your creativity.

    Features include:
    Full-color LCD Touch Screen - 192mm x 72mm LCD touch screen can display in 4,096 colors, to give a 3D preview of your embroidery design

    Instruction/Operation Guide - a built-in operating guide that displays illustrated step-by-step instructions

    Customized Settings - adjust the display brightness and change the settings for the needle stop position and more. You can also set the display language—simply choose from 12 language selections.

    Embroidery Area - can embroider a huge 260mm x 160mm continuous design without the need for re-hooping.

    Embroidery Speed - This fantastic machine embroiders up to a maximum speed of 800 spm.

    Embroidery Multimedia Capabilities - features a convenient built-in memory card slot. Download and use patterns in Tajima Format. Also features a new built-in floppy disk drive, which can be used to save your own customized embroidery patterns

    On-Screen Editing - with 3-D Preview-On-Screen Editing and Design CreationThe LCD screen provides all the information you need for precise editing of design size, color-change sequence, stitch count, bobbin thread monitoring and elapsed embroidery time.Alter your designs on screen with our grid-line hoop display. Move patterns, rotate in 1-degree increments, reverse, reduce or enlarge design size (except Dsiney Patterns). Easily combine two or more of the hundreds of built-in patterns and save the combinations for later use in built-in memory or on floppy disk

    Utility Stitches - 107 utility stitches, ranging from straight stitch to quilting and heirloom stitches. The utility sewing category also includes fifteen creative, easy-to-use, one-step buttonhole styles. The machine also features eight-directional straight stitch fabric feed and four-directional zigzag feed.

    Character/ Decorative Stitching - Create your own combinations of characters and decorative stitch patterns from the wide selection of available designs. Stitch patterns can all be reversed in both vertical and horizontal directions, size-adjusted, and manipulated. Satin stitches can have their thread density altered, either to make them more compact or rougher. All changes and adjustments to built-in stitches can be saved for use on future projects.

    My Custom Stitch - you can copy or design decorative stitches right on the LCD display and then record them into memory for future use.

    Bobbin Winding Capabilities - The convenient bobbin-winder can be used to wind a bobbin even while embroidering. A great time-saving function!

    Automatic Needle Threader - Simply pull the lever down to see the upper thread pass through the needle quickly and securely.

    Quick-Set Bobbin - The easy-to-view window tells you at a glance when more thread is needed in your bobbin. Simply drop in a full bobbin and the Quick-Set feature has you ready to sew immediately.

    95 Built-in Mickey & Friends Designs

    71 Built-in Winnie the Pooh & Friends Designs

    71 Built-in Motif Embroidery Patterns - from flowers to fruits to kitchen utensils etc.

    Floral Alphabet - 12.6cm high alphabet letters with small flowers, ideal for embellishing

    11 Built-in, adjustable size Monogram Fonts

    Frame Patterns - 120 different combinations of frame patterns in 10 great shapes and 12 border/outline stitches

    Slide-on Embroidery Hoops -
    Large (260mm x 160mm)
    Medium Plus (180mm x130mm)
    Medium (100mm x 100mm) and
    Small (20mm x 60mm)

    Side Cutter - allows you to overcast while cutting.

    Knee Lifter - Use your knee to raise the lifter, freeing your hands for other tasks. This function is ideally suited to machine piecing, quilting and garment construction.

    Walking Foot - helps assure uniform material feed when sewing multiple layers of fabric.

    J foot - self-adjusting for uneven seems

    1. Yes, it's very similar to a sewing machine, I'm not sure what the difference.?

  2. Anonymous18.1.23

    Please, sir where to buy usb modulator for Brother super galaxie 3100, thanks

    1. I know the exact place where I bought it, for that information you need to send a modest donation to our paypal, other information can be found on our facebook, instagram or pinterest page (private message), thank you for your understanding.

  3. Anonymous22.5.23

    Bonjour, je suis à la recherche d'un écran pour machine à coudre et à broder de marque Brother super galaxy 3100d merci de votre retour

    1. Je pense qu'il vous sera difficile de trouver cet écran, vous devez vérifier si l'écran correspond à un autre modèle de machine à broder et à coudre Brother, ou à une machine mise au rebut qui a un écran correct. J'avais ce modèle, il m'a bien servi, malheureusement je l'ai revendu.