Durkopp Adler M-Type / Durkopp Adler Sewing Machine

Durkopp Adler M-Type industrial sewing machines include a special segment of sewing machines intended mainly for medium-heavy working conditions such as: car seats and sewing of complete car interiors, upholstered furniture industry, footwear industry, leather clothing, bags, leather goods ... etc.
Durkopp Adler M-type is produced in three variants according to the shape of the desktop:
flat, column and cylinder machine. It is mainly a triple transport with one or two needles as well as with a special roller foot. In addition to the desktop, the entire segment is divided into three equipment variants:
M-type ECO, M-type CLASSIC and M-type PREMIUM. (letters: E, C and P)
All levels of Durkopp Adler M-type equipment, among other things, give an extra perfect stitch, the signs, as far as stitching and sewing are concerned, everything is the same and the differences are approximately as follows:
The M-type ECO program level offers a low level of maintenance, simplicity, precision ... ECO versions do not have automatic functions and represent the basis of the Durkopp adler M-typ platform.
The M-type CLASSIC program level contains the same as the ECO in combination with automatic functions and a wide range of accessories for maximum productivity and efficiency. The "classic" level has two subclasses:

CLASSIC Silverline: machines with basic automatic functions such as thread cutting, automatic start and foot lift.
CLASSIC Goldline: "silverline" plus quick foot height adjustment, integrated stitch length, pneumatic thread tension control, integrated LED lighting as well as an oil level maintenance indicator light.
The M-TYPE PREMIUM program level offers a lot:
Automatic functions, electronic thread tension maintenance,

foot lift height programming, machine assistance computer ... M-TYP PREMIUM offers innovation for the highest demands in terms of sewing functions, great comfort, excellent performance and a lot of accessories .... (and it costs :))
The complete series of M-type machines has about 80% identical components and parts, which greatly facilitates their procurement and installation. Large bobbin and Shuttle Hook allow for a much higher winding capacity of the lower thread. This is a special group of sewing machines that deserve at least a short post on our site. Here is what the Company says about this segment of sewing machines:
M-TYPE vision:
Given its long-standing reputation as a technological leader in the production of industrial sewing machines for medium-heavy applications, Dürkopp Adler has an obligation to continue to develop pioneering technology. With the M-TYPE, Dürkopp Adler has set new productivity standards that change the “world” of sewing in medium-heavy working conditions.
Defined levels of functionality;

The M-TYPE series machines are available in three versions: Eco, Classic and Premium. Each version provides a clearly defined level of functionality, usability and is precisely tailored to specific user requirements. The prospective buyer pays only what he really needs.
The multitude of options offered by the M-Type allows for optimal adaptation to your requirements. Whether you are an expert in the production of car seats, leather upholstered furniture or a master of safety-sensitive technical textile products, you will find exactly the right model for your needs.
The "disadvantage" of these machines is the price, too expensive for me!


  1. Anonymous28.6.16

    The program level M-TYPE ECO offers a perfect seam quality,low-maintenance machine technology and modern design for low budget.
    ECO versions do not have any automatic functions and represent the base
    of the M-TYPE platform.

    The program level M-TYPE CLASSIC offers a perfect seam quality,low-maintenance machine technology and modern design combined with automatic functions and a wide spectrum of optional equipment for maximum productivity and efficiency.
    CLASSIC Silverline
    Machines with basic automatic functions like thread trimmer,automatic back tack and sewing foot lift.
    CLASSIC Goldline
    Machines with basic automatic functions like thread trimmer, automatic back tack and sewing foot lift as well as quick stroke adjustment, 2. integrated stitch length, pneumatic additional thread tension, integrated LED sewing light and maintenance indicator.

    The program level M-TYPE PREMIUM offers a perfect seam quality, low-maintenance machine technology and modern design combined with programmable adjusting elements for reproducible sewing results.
    Typical M-TYPE PREMIUM features are next to the basic automatic functions for example:
    -Electronic Thread Tension (ETT)
    -Stepper motor controlled stitch length adjustment
    -Programmable sewing foot stroke adjustment (Multi-Position-Cylinder)
    -Computer aided machine operation
    M-TYPE PREMIUM offers innovative and future-oriented state-of-the-art technology for highest demands with regard to functions,comfort,performance and equipment.

  2. Anonymous19.10.16

    Postovanje,jedno pitanje,radi se o mašina durkopp adler 867 m type,
    problem imam sa tenziom dolni deo kože,javlja se neke jazli mali topke???

    1. Pozdrav za Macedonija :)
      Nisam siguran šta pitate,pritisak na donji dio kože?? Možda na koži ostaju tragovi od stopica.?To su novije šivaće mašine i nikada sa njima nisam imao dodira,pokušajte smanjiti pritisak stopice na materijal,ili naći donji transportet bez nazubljenja.

  3. Postovanje , zanima me da li neko moze da mi objasni kako se podesava duzina konca nakon zavrsnog utvrdjenja da ne ostaje mnogo dug konac? U pitanju je masina urkopp adler m type 867 classic.

    1. Koliko je to dug konac, ima li razlike kada mašina automatski odreže konac i kada to vi uradite.? Višak konca mora ostati, par cm je sasvim tolerantno. Otvorite kliznu pločicu i pratite situaciju, ako konca ostaje nešto više on se nikada neće vidjeti, to nije nikakav poseban problem.

  4. Anonymous22.2.19

    Kako da povecam brzinu masina je zakljucana na 1800??pozz