Sewing Machine Husqvarna Automatic 21 / Husqvarna 19e / Husqvarna Viking 21a

The Husqvarna Viking Automatic 21 E / 21 A / 19 
sewing machine is a classic electro-mechanical device. The complete machine is made of metal, except for the motor housing, which is made of plastic. The robust metal construction makes this machine a bit heavier than usual which gives it extra stability when working.

As we can see, it is a portable model with a sleeve, an additional flat board is placed as needed. The machine does not have a top cover.
The arrangement of buttons and commands from the front can be seen in the attached picture: 1 Needle position, 2 programmer slider, 3 stitch length adjuster, 4 forward-back stitching, 5 zigzag width, 6 on / off "feed dog".

On the right side there is a bobbin winder for the lower thread "M". By placing the bobbin on the winder pin, the movement of the needle is automatically stopped, except for winding the thread, by pulling the plastic "ring" around the pin outwards (right) on the machine, an reduction in the number of needle stitches is activated, for thicker and stronger material. When the additional reduction is on, moving the flywheel by hand is not foreseen, it can but it is a bit more difficult, you can bring the needle to the desired position by lightly pressing the foot pedal. The transmission from the engine to the machine is solved by means of two V-belts.

The Husqvarna automatic 21 is very easy to maintain. Lubrication is performed periodically via access points (see figure). The lubrication should not be overdone unnecessarily, it is enough to add a few drops of sewing machine oil to each hole.
Access to the assembly around the needle bar is done by opening the lid, the lubrication points are marked with arrows, the part marked with a red frame is used to regulate the pressure of the foot on the material.

Lighting, the bulb with switch on Husqvarna 21 is located from the lower part of the machine, it is covered with a metal grille, any replacement of the bulb is very simple, we pull the front grille down and replace the bulb.
Finally I will try to explain the program change on the machine.
The part where the two thread holders are located is also a hinged cover for access to change the stitch pattern (see picture). The machine usually comes with 3 disc templates with 5 stitches each marked with the letters "A, B and C".
Changing the stitchs disc is done as follows: set the zigzag width regulator to 0 , set the slider button 2 to 1, open the back cover, press the "lock" of the stitchs disc "A" down and pull out the template. Since it is a mechanical machine, a little jamming is possible, move the flywheel from hand to left and right and the template should go out.

changing the program is very simple, if in machine the disc "A" the programs are changed using the slider button "2" on the needle position regulator. Example: template "A", program 1 - set the width of the zigzag to 4 and the length of the stitch 0.3. You can change these settings as desired.
Models belonging to the same series are: Husqvarna zig-zag 19 A, Husqvarna Rotary 8, Husqvarna automatic 51 A and Husqvarna 71 Rotary.


  1. Velimir21.9.18

    Pitanje za Master-a
    dal možda znaš koja je razlika između Husqvarna Viking 19e (zig zag) in modela 19e Special?
    Isto pitanje odnosi se na Husqvarna Viking 21 znači razlika između 21, 21A i 21E modela..Hvala puno.

    1. Razlika između Husqvarna 19e i 19e special je veoma mala, neznam tačno koja, to je neki mali detalj, možda u papučici, ne znam. Isto tako razlika između Husqvarna viking 21, 21A i 21E...ALI razlika između Husqvarna 19 i 21 postoji, serija modela 19 ima samo ravno i cik/cak šivenje dok 21-ca ima mogućnost izrade i drugih vrsta štepova pomoću dodatnih šablona.

  2. Anonymous3.2.19

    Pozdrav! Ja imam baš ovu mašinu(21 E),koje igle idu za nju? Koji brojevi odgovaraju ovom modelu? Imam neke univerzalne, ali samo 100-ke ostale, da li mogu one? Hvala

  3. Anonymous8.4.21

    Pozdrav trebala bih pomoć. Gdje mogu nabaviti "rikverc" za Husqvarna Type 21 E šivaču mašinu? Hvala.

  4. Anonymous17.2.23

    Hola buenas tardes. Donde puedo conseguir el manual de despiece de la máquina Husqvarna type 51E, ya que la mía tiene el botón de largo de puntada, trancado no se mueve y la quiero arreglar. Si me pueden ayudar se lo agradecería. Saludos desde Venezuela y gracias

    1. Buenas tardes Señor, si sabe inglés esto le podría ayudar, mire el enlace adjunto, Saludos desde la lejana Bosnia.