Sewing Machine JUKI 9000C Reviuw / Juki 9000 / Juki ddl 8000 / Juki ddl

JUKI DDL-9000C: JUKI 9000,

Full Digital Automatic Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine

The latest in function and technology!
  • Full Digital Controls
  • Digital Thread Tension Control
  • Digital Foot Pressure Control
  • Sewing Parameter Setting, Saving and Recall
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • Automatic Back Tack Settings
  • Automatic Foot Lift
  • 4.3" Full Color Touch-Screen Digital Control Panel MACHINE DESKRIPTION:
Commitment to “seam quality”is poised to enter a new era with JUKI ’s next-generation sewing system. The change is driven by digitalization. Until recently, sewing machines have been adjusted by human operators based on personal hunches and experience. Now, with JUKI's digital sewing system DDL-9000C, sewing machine adjustments are fully digitalized. The settings can be reproduced with total accuracy to perfectly suit the materials being sewn. Needle thread tension which matches sewing conditions given can be set on the operation panel and stored in memory. 
The needle thread tension adjustment needs experience. However, for this sewing machine, thread tension data stored in memory is reproducible, thereby reducing the setup time when the product to be sewn is changed.Exampl e : Needle-thread active tension demonstrates its effectiveness in the topstitching process. For welting shoulders of a difficult-to-sew material, uniform stitches can be produced continuously by appropriately changing the sewing conditions even if the right and left material fabric differ in texture grain.

Application - Medium-weight
Max. Sewing speed - 5,000 Stitches per Minute
Max. Stitch length - 5 mm
Needle Bar stroke - 30.7 mm
Lift of the Presser foot / by Hand - 5.5 mm
Lift of the Presser foot / Auto - 15 mm
Needle - DBx1 (#11) #9 to #18 Capable
Feed Dog - 4 / row
Hook - Automatic-Lubricating Full-Rotary Hook
Lubrication - Automatic
Lubricating Oil - Juki Machine Oil 7 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Control box - Integrated
Power requirement - Single phase 100~240V, 3-phase 220~240V
Power consumption - 520VA

Source of information: juki.com