Industrial and Household Sewing Machine Needles Singer

Singer Needles Sizes 
Singer Needles are manufactured in Brazil with high technology to produce specific needles for actual current applications. The correct needles regarding size and point style result in better stitch formation. 
Most popular needles are available in Metric System “65 through 160” or Singer System “09 through 23 - from 0.65 mm diameter to 1.60 mm. Special needles are also available in other sizes. Ensure that you are using the correct size needle for your application and remember that the thread has to pass freely through the needles eye for better stitch formation. 
Singer suggests the following needle sizes according to fabrics/materials as a guide. 
Denim & Heavy Canvas, at least size 110; Heavy Fabrics, size 100; Medium Fabrics, size 90; Light/Medium Fabrics, size 80; Light Fabrics, size 70/75; Fine Fabrics, size 70 and Very Fine Fabrics, size 65.

Point Styles 
Damaged needles, especially in light knitted fabrics such as Jersey and Polyesters can seriously degrade the stitch formation and damage the fibers of the fabric leading to problems such as "skip stitch". 
The correct point style is very important for good sewing performance. Singer manufactures the most common needle point styles - Round and cutting points-which are identified by "point code".

Always use the correct needle size and point style for your job. If you are unsure, please contact us. 
• Needles system / Model - define the correct needle for each machine, however it is also mandatory that end-user chooses specification size and point style according to application. 
• Change your needle regularly, the point and the blade can be easily damaged, especially in difficult applications.

Singer Needles - Model & System 
Singer manufactures Household and Industrial needles for most brands of sewing machines. The needles follow standard specifications related to their connection dimensions, Shank Diameter (D) and Distance Between Butt Shank and Eye Position (E), and other design features such as grooves, besides sizes and point styles.
"T" Shape Shank; Pressed Shank 
The new Singer household was registered by Singer and named "Household Needle With T Shape Shank". This needle has exclusive shape at the beginning of the shank on the butt area, to assure the one-way insertion function (go-no-go function) for all brands of sewing machines. 
• T Shape Singer needle requires no further adjustments when replacing any other needles.

Delta "U" Pressed Blade Process 
Singer needles are manufactured according to flow press technique patented by Singer, to assure higher flexibility standards and grooves and "eye" area with better finished rounded edges in comparison to conventional needles. 
• Higher Bending Stiffness reduces deflection, and this avoids needle breakage and skipped stitches. 
• Rounded Edges result in protected thread and fabric fibres.
Note: Source of information Singer

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