Bernina Light Bulb | Bernina Sewing Machine Replacement Bulbs

The post is of an educational nature, if you are not sure of your knowledge leave the work to an expert, before any works pay attention to:! 
➧ Before any repair and service work, Disconnect the sewing machine / foot pedal etc.from the power supply, Remove the cable and mains plug from the socket. 
➧ Read before you start working on the machine the operating and service manuals, that's what they're there for,
➧ Take your time for everything you do, just don't work fast , if you have no idea, you should consult a specialist,
➧ Hustle and bustle creates thoughtless action, accidents and bungling.! 
➧ It is essential that you only use suitable tools, only use good tools 
➧ Do not leave the sewing machine running when it is open, only move the open machine by hand, Do not use the foot pedal when it is open.!

Bernina sewing machines have been used for many years and use two types of bulbs, push-in and screw. 
How to remove the bulb from the machine:? 
Bulbs with E14 screw thread can generally be easily unscrewed by turning to the left, if it cannot be unscrewed be careful, the bulb may break and hurt you, you can use leather gloves.

Bulbs with a socket (push-in) base do not unscrew, the push-in bulb is removed as follows:
1. Gently push the bulb upwards,
2. then turn to the left
3. and pull the bulb out downwards

Inserting a push-in bulb:
1. insert the bulb into the socket, move it left and right until it fits into the socket
2. Push the bulb all the way in and turn it to the right

Replacing old incandescent bulbs with LEDs
An LED lamp is much brighter and the power consumption is very low,
Available in hardware stores, sewing centers, shopping centers etc.
The selection is large, suitable for every sewing machine.
Color temperature / brightness, 
The higher the number (K=Kelvin), the whiter the light.
2500-3000K = warm light, slightly yellowish (similar to a clasic light bulb)
4000K and higher = bright white/cool light ( cool white )

An LED bulb in the sewing machine should illuminate strongly and well. Not every LED is suitable for the sewing machine. At a low price one can assume that it is rather unsuitable because much too
weak with little light output, hardly better than the old 15W light bulb, LED optimal are: 3-5 W / 220V, 3000K / 4000K (socket B15d or E14)

Attention please note, do not confuse.! There are very similar incandescent lamps with the base BA15d ( push-in type) and type 1004, the NOT suitable for sewing machines.! There are 6V / 12V light bulbs for motor vehicles cars, mopeds etc. (the A stands for automobile)

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