Bernina 540 Favorit / Vintage Bernina / Bernina Favorit 540

This Bernine model is specific in many ways, first of all it is most likely a small series of Bernine, a rare model or the owners are reluctant to sell it, it is certain that they have a reason.
Namely, this model is designed for medium-heavy working conditions, some call such machines "semi-industrial", the construction is as massive as all parts, the drive pulley (flywheel) is larger in diameter and weight, it is made of cast iron with plastic coating. The first interesting thing is the drive of the machine, it is not done classically using ...
V-belt than there is a "flange" on the motor shaft, made of harder rubber, which transmits power through friction on the flywheel (see figure). One very good solution, during the operation of the machine does not show any shortcomings, on the contrary, the machine is very "elastic" and responds well to the pressure of the starting pedal. The electric motor itself has access holes for lubricating the bearings which is a very rare case, I don't remember seeing it anywhere, also the eventual change of the motor brushes is extremely simple. Bernina's 540 favorite is set on three "legs",

It can be of the portable type and can also be placed as an industrial sewing machine on a separate stand. Maintenance, as with most Bernins, is fairly simple and affordable, with the Favorite 540 having a few extra places to add oil. Bernina 540 has a rotating shuttle hook, which is a real rarity for Bernina, the rotating hook itself is made of extra quality material with a long gripping hook, it works great at the highest sewing speeds...

The drive gears are metal and are located in a special housing ...
The bobbin case (shuttle) is placed on the opposite side, which is another interesting fact, it requires a little getting used to, but it is not particularly difficult. In my opinion for a machine like this one solid drawback is the spool, it is small in width and cannot accommodate much thread, for a thin machine thread it is as much as acceptable but for sewing with a slightly thicker thread frequent change and winding of the thread are inevitable.
The program change is classic, as with most electromechanical Bernins, it has a classic flat stitch, a variable zigzag and it seems to me about 12 decorative stitches. Any program to set a point is perfect as with a digital machine. In the end, let me say that Bernina 540 sews everything, even leather, without any problems...


  1. Anonymous16.1.15

    Dear Sir
    I went on Youtube and got your email address. I wonder if you can please help me with some information
    I have a Bernina 540 favorit. My mother bought it in 1954.

    What happened:
    The bobbin got stuck
    I found that the bobbin hook came loose and I put it back
    I could not fix it
    The needle kept touching the bobbin casing
    Then my brother bent the plate to make space
    The bobbin keeps falling out
    The stitch from the top needle doesn’t pick up the bottom bobbin thread
    I have a photo of my machine, please see attached.
    What is the spring for?
    Your photo does not show the spring. Do I have to use the spring?
    Did my spring indeed break off?
    My brother said it holds the bobbin in so that it doesn’t fall out
    Is this true?
    My main question is did the spring break off and must I use it? Do I really have to buy a new spring? I looked under the magnifying glass and it does not look like the spring broke.
    Do you have any information on how to repair the bobbin?

    Thank you

    Yours sincerely

  2. A lot of complicated question, this spring is not nothing, you have to set the time on your hook Bernina, this can be done by qualified personnel only, best regards :))


  3. Dear,

    I have a Bernina 540-2, the same as you have. The machine worked fine but at the moment the upper thread gets stuck around the bobbin case / shuttle. It seems also that the bobbin thread is not picked up. I have re-timed the hook as far as I can see fine.

    What can I do more? Do you have any tips?



  4. Hi Nielsen
    How I understand, after wrapping the thread around the rotating hook, sewing machine does not raise the thread, you have made the timing hook but still have a problem ..??

    If you have correctly adjusted the rotating hook, your sewing machine must raise the lower thread,
    it is necessary to inspect: the condition of the rotating hook, the big gear (bottom right, below the corresponding lid), adjust the rotating hook correctly, adjust the spacing between the rotating hook and the needle...

  5. Can you show me how to set the rotating hook on this machine?

    1. Hardly, it would be best to present it as a video tutorial, I sold this machine a long time ago, so I can't even record video and my English is very modest. I'm sorry you have such a problem, maybe you did something you shouldn't have done, now you have to find a master who will do it well. For me, it’s a routine 10-minute job, unfortunately this is very difficult to describe in words alone.

  6. Anonymous6.6.22

    would like to get the SERVICE Manual for Bernina 540 that belongs to a friend. It is completely seized and I will need to disassemble most of the machine to get it to sew again. It appears that the main horizontal shaft is the main source of the problem. I tried to download the 540 Service Manual and I get referred to the 590 Service Manual! What's happening?

    1. I don't have a service manual for the Bernina 540, I'm not sure if it even exists.??

  7. Anonymous23.8.22

    I'm trying to sell a refurbished Bernina 540 favorit desk version from the 50's in Belgium. Have you an idea about specialist sites or buyers that could help me and would you happen to have an idea about a price. If you like I could send you some pictures.

    1. Hmm, you have a huge EU market, if I had such conditions I would sell the machine very quickly, we do not evaluate the value of sewing machines, best regards to Belgium.

  8. Anonymous12.6.23

    Dear sire.. where can i get bobbins for Bernina 540 in Ghana

    1. In Ghana? I not can know that,I know that Ghana is in Africa and that's all 😊
      There are two solutions, the first is to buy online, and the second is to make it in a workshop, to buy online, use the catalog number #330.026.030 and the dimensions of the bobbin are 22x7.3x6 mm.

  9. Anonymous18.10.23

    Hello, owning a Bernina Favorit 540 and lately it does start sewing very slowly.
    A mechanic looked at it and said that I would need the internal drive belt replaced (she did not open the machine yet).
    I looked into the internet for this part, but was not able to find spare parts for this machine.
    I do love this machine, as it was my mother's and I treasure it. It would be great if you could provide me with some advice on where I could obtain that belt.

    1. Bernina 540 Favorit, internal drive belt.?
      It is some so-called mechanic 😃
      internal belt on Bernina 540 Favorite does not exist.!
      It is necessary to remove the existing belt (if available on the engine) and check how the engine works without load and whether the machine turns easily by hand, also check when the machine was last thoroughly lubricated.