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The Ruffler Foot is one of the best time saving attachments you can add to your sewing machine. This accessory is used to create perfectly spaced pleats and gathers. There are several adjustments that you can make to vary the look of the pleats, including the size and depth of the pleats. It’s perfect for light weight fabrics and also medium weight fabrics.  The existing presser foot will need to be removed from your sewing machine before attaching the Ruffler Foot attachment. The Ruffler Foot attachment has an arm that slides around the needle clamp and moves up and down with the movement of the needle. This movement causes the Ruffler to tuck the fabric in as you sew. Attaching the ruffler to the machine can take some practice. 

It’s helpful to loosen to screw or remove it altogether while maneuvering it on the presser foot holder and The ruffle Regulator sliding the arm around the needle clamp. Be sure to tighten the screw securely. Near the top of the attachment is the Ruffle Regulator. This is used to determine the frequency of the tucks. You can set it to make a tuck every stitch, every 6th stitch or every 12th stitch; or it can be set to zero if you do not want it to tuck at all. 

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