How To Identify The Warp And Weft Yarn Of A Woven Fabric


Choosing the right fabric is the most important thing when mastering sewing. It is essential that you understand the fabric, what it is that makes it the right fabric for your project and how best to use it.
There is a huge selection of fabrics, so understanding these basic elements will help you make the right choice... Threads that run parallel to the selvedge (lengthwise) are called “warp threads”.
Those threads that extend transversely to the industrial edge and are woven through the warp threads are called “weft threads”.

The "selvedge" is the finish of the fabric. It is firmly woven and will not evaporate, but it is mostly a different color or often not dyed at all.
"Face" is the outer part of the fabric finish, it is the side of the material that is visible. It is easy to immediately notice the "face" on the fabric that is colorful.

The back is the inside of the fabric. This is the side that is not visible on the finished sewing product.
Slope, "Bias", lies at an angle of 45 degrees to the selvedge fabric and falls exactly between the longitudinal and transverse weave. If it is a material that is woven, then it has a certain elasticity when cutting in this direction.

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