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In the past, mending of clothes (materials and fabrics) was quite common in the household, clothes were expensive, difficult to obtain, so what was available was repaired.
The mending of clothes is still present today, today the shops sell clothing items that have torn and patched segments on them, mending is, in a way, a decorative part of clothes.
Someone wants to preserve jeans at all costs, to that end to darning and mending for many years. 
What's the difference between "Darning and Mending." There's not a particularly big difference, "Mending" means adding a piece of similar or the same material to a torn piece of clothing, while in "Darning" it is generally used only thread and possibly some backing under the part to be repaired.
"Darning" can be done manually, it is a rarity today, it was done with the so-called. "mushroom" that is placed under the part to be repaired, in the absence of "mushroom" was well served by some old light bulb ☺. What is important about Darning on a sewing machine ?

Darning on a sewing machine is simpler if the machine is of the "free arm" type, it is much easier to approach inaccessible places, such as sleeves and socks. When we do Darning we use a special Presser Foot (1). The foot for Darning is the same as for embroidery. The next thing you need is to turn off the off feed dog-2, the material conveyor is not needed when Darning. Most machines have the option to turn off the lower transport, some older models do not have this option, then a special cover is used which is placed over the transport teeth (feed dog cover).

As for the needle and thread for darnings, Darning proved to be better with a thin needle 70 or 80 thick as well as a thin machine thread. With darning yeans-denim fabrics, good results are given by a thread that is not the same shade in length, fits quite nicely, and a good craftsman can, do so well that the repaired part is almost not noticed, although someone just wants the opposite, to emphasize Darning and/or Mending. .
A straight stitch is used for Darning, rarely zigzag, if the repaired material has a surface texture, it is useful for Darnings to follow the texture lines for a better fit, first make a rough connection and then short forward / backward movements on darnings material, 
Darnings work several times and not make too long and sudden movements. There are also special industrial sewing machines that are only designed to repair clothes, such as the old Singer 47w70.

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