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 A lot of information can be found on the Internet about this model of sewing machine, mostly it is advertising information that leads the reader to buy, I will be a little different, I will write what I think I know about Bernina 1008.The Bernina 1008 is the last electro-mechanical sewing machine that can still be purchased today.This sewing machine has been manufactured for many years and is quite popular.It is popular with beginners and advanced  tailors due to today's rare metal construction.  The absolute majority of sewing machines that are produced today are mostly made of plastic, the outer "armor" is usually plastic, while the Bernina 1008 is almost completely made of bullets, except for the cover on the back.The Bernina 1008 is in a way the successor to old metal Bernina sewing machines. I had the opportunity to look inside this sewing machine, unfortunately I don't have a picture. 

In my opinion, the disad vantage for this machine is that it does not have access to lubrication like old sewing machines, the top cover does not exist, it has a plastic back cover and it must be removed when lubricating. On the upper side there is a Stitch selector as well as a graphic stitchs. The stitches are divided into two rows: “red and green” stitches:

  • GREEN                                    RED
  • 1  Straight stitch                    9  Triple Straight Stitch
  • 2  ZigZag Stitch                  10  Triple ZigZag Stitch
  • 3  Blindstitch                          11  Stretch Overlock Stitch
  • 4  Universal Stitch                  12  Double Overlock Stitch
  • 5  Knit Stitch                          13  Stretch Stitch
  • 6  Vari-Overlock Stitch          14  Stretch Stitch
  • 7  Running Stitch                  15  Decorative Stitch
  • 8  Scallop Stitch                  16  Decorative Ctitch

Machine details, machine parts in the picture:
1 spool holder, 2 bobbin winder, 3 selector level, 4 stitch width knob 5 needle position,
6 handwheol, 7 buttonhole knob, 8 stitch length knob, 9 feed dog off/on, 10 red/green stitch, 11 hinget front cover, 12 presser foot, 13 thread cuter...
The machine is physically heavy but handling is relatively simple. I think even beginners can get by quickly. Making buttonholes is in 6 steps, it may be difficult for beginners to learn, but it is certainly not impossible, you will have time to practice. Watch a video on our YouTube channel for making holes on Bernina 1008. 

Bernina 1008 does not have standard Bernina feet, this model use  "snap-on" Presser Foot, is drawback, I do not know, and not a big drawback given the price for standard Bernina Presser Foot.
I will end this short review with the price, maybe it is a little big price, I don't know what to say, I like old mechanical Bernina machines, if you prefer a new machine, maybe the Bernina 1008 could be a good choice....

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