Handheld Sewing Machine / Hand Sewing Machines

Many people think that small hand sewing machines are a product from a few years ago, no, small hand sewing machines were produced much earlier, but in small series.
Nowadays with the change of technology it has become very affordable and extremely easy to manufacture. Hand sewing machines mainly come from China. What are small hand sewing machines really for? 
These are small machines for some quick small repairs, to some extent they can replace the classic hand sewing, they are suitable for travel, they can be used in every household ... etc. Manual machines have only one upper thread, the lower thread does not exist, the machine produces a chain stitch. 

There are several types of hand sewing machines, the most commonly used are battery powered and machines without any electricity. In the first picture we see what the most ordinary hand machine looks like with its basic positions, the second picture shows a slightly larger model that is battery-powered, with that model having a needle carrier lifter (A) and a main switch (B).

There are a lot of these miniature machines on offer, in my opinion don't expect anything special from them, they usually use a slightly thicker thread and the quality of the points is at a low level.
I recommend sewing in several passes in strong fabric

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