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I well remember some old times, when as a child I came across those old cuts from fashion magazines. They were very large pieces of paper with a lot of some lines, which were in different shapes and colors... I have no idea whether it still exists today, in the continuation of the topics about downloading pattern from a famous page ... On the page "Burdastyle" on there are a lot of free patterns available for download in PDF format, below you can see approximately the procedure for how to download the patterns:  1. In the "paterns" category, there are models with cut patterns. There are two options "all paterns and free patterns". Choose the patterns you want, click on the "get it" option and it will open a window for logging in to the site.
If you are new you will need to register, it is a fairly quick process, nothing special, fill in the fields provided with your details and you can get started.
2. The page of the selected pattern contains PDF documents that you need to download to your computer;

3. Once the PDF pattern has been downloaded to your computer, you can open it using Adobe acrobat reader. (or another program),
4.When you open the downloaded sample, you first go to the page where the checkbox is located. The check box must have a page length of 10 cm, is used to determine if the printer is printing the cut in the correct dimensions. Print only the page with the check box and make sure the printed square has 10 cm pages. If not, check the settings on the printer. In the settings, set the scale to 100% (1-1). Disable options that adjust printing to paper size.
5. When you have set up the printer, then print out all the downloaded patterns.
6. When you have printed all the patterns, you need to cut out the excess paper with scissors and arrange and connect the papers correctly, then cut along the lines provided...

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