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When it comes to the timing belt (toothed belt) of sewing machines, something has already been written on that topic on the blog. The topic was general and we described the general concepts of timing belt on sewing machines, today in this topic I will write about the toothed belt for vintage pfaff sewing machines, these are belts made of cords with the addition of metal rings (cleats). For many years, the timing belt for sewing machines has not been made in this way, today it is made of special rubber woven with threads. I can only guess why the belt was then made of cords and metal cleats.? 

Probably the technology 45-50 years ago was not like today for anything, not even for the timing belt, maybe at that time technological rubber was very sensitive to grease while cords and metal rings were quite resistant to mineral oils and lubricants. This is simply my logical thinking and I have no evidence for that.? The German Pfaff started using the timing belt on their machines very early, these were the Pfaff 104 models and later the cult Pfaff 130 model.

Models that will appear a little later began to use the cord belt as a drive belt, ie a belt that transmits torque from the engine to the "head" of the machine. The driving belt is usually slightly longer but also narrower than the timing belt. What else can we say on this topic ...? Pfaff timing belts mainly differ in the number of "teeth", width and length, on some models there are double cleats.
Unfortunately the years make their own and many sewing machines of this type have ended up in landfills or scrap metal dumps, they are discarded because when the timing belt breaks the sewing machine becomes useless.

What exactly is the problem, the problem is the replacement of the timing belt itself, the price demanded by the master as well as the price of the belt.? The driver cord belt is not difficult to replace, it can be done by amateurs, and a replacement rubber drive belt can be found, a far bigger problem is cracking the timing belt, from personal experience I know that many service technicians either avoid the job or ask for a lot of money for the service, sometimes blackmailing customers who want to fix their sewing machine inherited from their loved ones.

Why is Pfaff timing belts difficult to replace?

The problem is that half of the sewing machine has to be disassembled, the upper shaft practically has to be removed completely, and on that axis there are several bushings that have been "riveted" due to long standing and there are a lot of them. difficult to remove, the manipulation and attempt to remove certain parts must be done very carefully, there is a nylon gear nearby (on some models) and its damage can further aggravate the situation.

When we remove everything and install the timing belt, then it must be adjusted correctly, if the timing belt is not adjusted adequately, the sewing machine will not lift the lower thread, very similar to a car, if the timing belt on the car engine is not properly installed, the engine will not work. 
Pfaff service instructions can help beginners to some extent when replacing the cord timing belt. I tried to find on the internet how to make a cord timing belt but I failed, below I tried to make a list of models with the appropriate characteristics of timing belts and drive belts. This is a rare topic on the Internet, so if you have something to say, please write in the comments, it can be completely anonymous.   

Note: I do not rule out the possibility of data error.!

Pfaff 104, Pfaff 130, Pfaff 230, Pfaff 330, Pfaff 332 Cord belt 73 x Cleats 

Pfaff 230 Timing belt 68 x Double Cleats (teeth)

Pfaff 1212, Pfaff 1213, Pfaff 1214, Pfaff 1221, Pfaff 1222 Cord Belt 73 Cleats

Pfaff 330, Pfaff 332, Motor Driving Belt 84 Cleats

Pfaff 229 Driving belt 73 Cleats 

Pfaff 260, Pfaff 262, Pfaff 360, Pfaff 362 Timing Belt 73 Cleats #91-060441-91

Pfaff Sewing Machine 260 Timing Cord Belt 73 x cleats

Pfaff 360, Pfaff 361, Pfaff 362 Motor Cord Belt 86 Cleats 

Pfaff 259, Pfaff 260, Pfaff 261, Pfaff 262 Motor cord belt 76 teeth

Pfaff 259, Pfaff 260, Pfaff 261, Pfaff 262, Pfaff 360, Pfaff 361, Pfaff 362, Pfaff 1196, Pfaff 1221 Cord timing belt 73 x Cleats 

Pfaff 130, Pfaff 139, Pfaff 229, Pfaff 230, Pfaff 330, Pfaff 332 Cord Belt 73 cleats


  1. Anonymous3.3.24

    Di mana kita harus pesan panbelt mesin jahit PFAFF 260,dn kode panbelt ny berapa?

    1. The most important thing is that you know the width of the belt and the number of teeth, I don't sell that belt and where it can be bought, so look it up on the internet, it's quite expensive and you have to make sure you have a technician to replace that belt for you, don't buy a belt if you can't replace it, it's serious business.
      Yang terpenting anda mengetahui lebar ikat pinggang dan jumlah giginya, saya tidak menjual ikat pinggang itu dan bisa dibeli dimana, jadi cari di internet, harganya lumayan mahal dan anda harus memastikannya. Anda memiliki teknisi yang akan mengganti sabuk itu untuk Anda, jangan membeli sabuk jika Anda tidak dapat menggantinya, ini urusan serius.