Different Types Of Sewing Machine Beds

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In fashion manufacture the sewing machines are still predominantly used in their basic forms but, for more specialized garments and those made in higher volume, variations in machine shape are available which enables easier movement of the materials around the machine. 
These variations primarily affects the shape of the bed of the
machine, i.e. the part on which material rest. 

The best known version is the flat bed and the main alternatives are cylinder bed, Post bed and feed off the arm. 
The blind felling machine is also a special shape, as are the Over edge sewing machines which have no fabric space to the right of the needle.
Following is the classification of different bed type used in machinery. 
The flat bed is used in the majority of sewing where a large and open garment part can easily be handled past he needle. It provides a suitable surface for all flat sewing
and also facilitates the use of markers to control the position of the garment parts. For example, a patch pocket on a shirt front.

These beds are basically used where the parts to be sewn are small, curved or otherwise awkward in shape, hard to reach sewing places, cylindrical items.. etc.

The feed-off-the-arm machine is used where a lapped seam has to be closed in such a way that the garment part becomes a tube. They are common in jeans production where the outside leg seam is normally the type known as lap-felled and it is joined after the inside leg seam in the sequence of construction. 
The operator wraps the part to be sewn around the machine bed and it is fed away from the operator, off the end of the bed, as the operator sews.

It has the same applications as cylindrical bed.

This group includes several types of sewing machines, such as:
e1) Overlock sewing machine
Over edge machine also have a different type of machine bed which have no fabric space to the right of the needle.
e2) Blind Stitch sewing machine
This machine also consist a different type of machine bed. Example of Blind machine’s use is in the bottom hem of trousers and sometimes on closing the curtains etc..

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