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Sewing machines are an inexhaustible topic, especially for those of us who have almost spent our lives next to these devices.
Many sewing machines deserve "attention" on this page, but that is impossible, one of the cult models, which I think deserves to be mentioned, is certainly the Singer class 201 sewing machine. Singer 201 sewing machines were produced mainly in the USA and Great Britain, although smaller numbers were also made in Australia.
Singer 201 first "saw the light of day" back in 1935 and production was completed around 1961. Many will say that the Singer 201 is the best production model of the Singer Company ever, hundreds of thousands of them have been produced and many are still sewing today as long before... 

So what "adorned" that famous Singer 201 ? ☺
First of all, it was a rotating hook and quality metal gears, the machine had only straight sewing (back and forth), only straight sewing was not a handicap due to the large number of accessories for different types of processing, there were zig zag accessories, buttonholes, blind stitches, seam guide... etc. 
The spool was the same as with the Singer 99k and 66k models, unlike most other models, the needle must be inserted into the Singer 201 with the flat side turned to the left and the thread pulled in from right to left.

The bobbin was inserted horizontally from the top, which at the time was presented as an ingenious solution, which it certainly is, because we clearly see the position for inserting the bobbins. Another interesting solution, for that time, was to winding the bobbin, we put one already wound coil in the machine and winding the other at the same time, it was a "revolution". ☺
It should be said that the Singer was produced in three variants of the drive: foot drive, manual drive and electric drive, electric models also had additional lighting. 
Due to the cast iron case, the machine itself weighed about 13 Kg, despite that, portable models were produced, as well as models with a cabinet.

The models were marked as follows: 
201-1 version with pedal (foot drive) 
201-2 electric motor in the potted (worm gear) 
201-3 electric out board motor with belt 
201-4 uses a hand lever 
The redesign was introduced in 1950, the case was made of cast aluminum and the machine became much lighter, Singer 201 also got a new look, two variants were produced, classic black with a gold label and brown combined with beige. The new model also had excellent mechanics and smooth sewing. Production of this model was completed around 1961. 

What to say in the end, many people still have great confidence in the old Singer 201, that is a good machine, the quality of materials is at an enviable level, failures are very rare, electric models have a problem with wiring melted over time, replace due to the risk of electric shock.
You can write your experiences with Singer 201 in the comments...
Note: possible spelling mistake, my English is not the best, thanks for understanding.

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