Durkopp Adler 205-370 / Durkopp Adler Sewing Machine / Durkopp Adler H Type

Today's topic is the sewing machine Durkopp Adler 205-370. It is a robust machine designed for difficult working conditions, for sewing everything that other machines cannot do. The author of this text is a fan of this type of machine ☺ On sewing machines of this type, I like their strength, power and robustness.
Durkop Adler 205-370 is a machine with the so-called "cylinder arm" or cylinder work surface, the cylinder machine is suitable for sewing three-dimensional items from large leather bags to parts of leather footwear. There is a lot that this machine can sew, the penetrating power of the needle is great, the penetrating power of the needle can be seen on the big flywheel. Durkopp Adler class 205 is a machine with triple transport of material, the possibility of changing the Presser Foot as needed is provided, a large oscillating shuttle hook with a barrel bobbin for winding thick thread.
The work table is usually in two parts, one static which carries the "head" of the machine and the other movable which can be raised or lowered as needed as well as completely removed, depending on what is sewing on the machine.
Durkopp Adler 205-370 works with thick needles, before changing the needle it is necessary to place a suitable "washer" on the Shuttle Hook that regulates the distance between the hook and the needle, the washers are small circular segments marked with the thickness of the used needle 160, 200, 230, 250..
Such machines can also be equipped with accessories such as: needle positioning, servo motor, pneumatic foot lifter ... etc.
Since such machines work at high loads where the needle is very hot, cooling of the needle with compressed air can also be used. It is mainly used when sewing artificial materials that could be damaged by a hot needle, as well as the thread itself, which is most often made of polyester.
With regular maintenance and lubrication, this machine can last for years, I would say decades. As far as I know, this model is no longer produced, but original used machin can be found on the western market, why do I say "original"? so because there are new plagiarism on the market for this machine, which is sold under various names. I will not go into the quality of the quiet machines.
The "successor", so to speak, of this model is the Durkopp Adler H Type (video). The quality of this Germany machine  should not be doubted, but it also has its price. buy used at a price of 4,000-5,000 €

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